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Our Goal


IKN’s Event Communication System is designed to assist School Administrators and First Responders to inhibit the ability of an active shooter and immediately neutralize his control:


1. By first locating his position in the building using IKN’s Floor Plan Software to quickly and accurately direct First Responders to his location


2. Reduce or eliminate panic through:

     a.  an automatic lockdown of all rooms

     b.  automatic audio/visual communication using IKN tablets + other*

     c.  prior training enhanced by IKN’s recommended Student News**


3.  Intervention in the first place, using IKN’s Community Wellness Hub.***



IKN will work with schools to attempt to utilize existing a/v equipment if suitable to build a state-of-the-art building safety surveillance system.

** IKN recommends that the students take supervised ownership of their safety information and training using a weekly/monthly News Broadcast Format to discuss training to minimize or eliminate the dangers of extreme and day-to-day safety threats.

***IKN will assist your current community wellness personnel by introducing enhanced community wellness programs based on The Global Network for Community Safety LLC which aims to bring together a team of qualified advisors with the unique skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to support leaders and practitioners through the adoption of collaborative, risk-driven models of community safety in U.S. cities, towns, counties, and regions, and in jurisdictions around the world.  The Global Network for Community Safety LLC is based in Canada and is associated with Pennsylvania State University (PSU). IKN is now a partner with the PSU Community Wellness Program.

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