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Retail Kiosks



IKN is currently developing partnerships with Local Dealerships & Organizations within the National Auto Dealership Association (NADA). R3 Ventures is creating and defining solutions that meet the full spectrum of retail opportunities, with a current emphasis in Automotive parts & accessories, sports memorabilia and other licenced collectibles. 


Retail In-house Training


Working with a leading International automotive manufacturer, IKN is creating a Digital Training System that will permit the manufacture to train its customer service representatives, dealer representatives and vendors, on a platform that provides internally developed programs; externally developed and adapted programs; interactive connectivity between the syllabus, curriculum and fast recall of updated required information. 


Our training system will provide for digital media interaction with the manufacturer’s customers. This platform will provide enhancement to the manufacturer’s brand by more effectively training and refreshing the knowledge of the customer service specialists; and through a more effective delivery of current information to the manufacturer’s customers.

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